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Business card design with Happy Place Vacations logo
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Happy Place Vacations

Project Scope

Social Media Design

Happy Place Vacations is a Disney travel agency designed to make Disney trip planning fun, stress-free, and easy. Disney trips can often have a reputation of being difficult to plan and book, which is what Happy Place strives to fix. I designed a brand system to show how exciting and easy it can be, and helped increase Happy Place's bookings by 400%.

A billboard on an empty road designed for Happy Place Vacations
01 Strategy

Disney planning has an obvious reputation for being stressful and a little less than magical. What a lot of people don't realize is that Disney travel agents are a free option to book a trip. The Disney agents that do exist are not great at marketing themselves, which led to the first area I focused on when working with Happy Place being their brand voice.


In all of the messaging for Happy Place, we made sure to use words like “Fun”, “Stress-free”,  and “magical”.  The brand needed to convey these things loud and clear in order to show how much value having a Disney vacation agent can bring. It becomes a no-brainer when you realize that they are 100% free.

Flyer branding design for Happy Place Vacations
02 Identity

Keeping with the theme of fun, stress-free, and easy, we used a lot of bright iridescent colors and textures. The primary logo, dubbed "The Pixie Dust" logo has plenty of variants that allow for a variety of uses. The star invokes Disney imagery without being obviously Disney. Throughout all touchpoints, including the business cards, holographic textures bring a fun element to the brand.

Business card design for Happy Place Vacations
03 Results

Following the rebrand of Happy Place Vacations, they immediately saw an increase of 400% in their booking rate over the next two months.

Phone displaying an Instagram post from Happy Place VacationsCircular sign holding the Happy Place Vacations logo

– Collins Hall

“Noah helped me create encompassing branding for my business. I appreciate his intentionality towards truly listening and finding out both how my business works and its goals, and applied it to the visuals of branding and marketing. The result will surely give my clients a picture of this from the moment they first see the branding Noah helped create!”

Three variants on the Happy Place Vacations logoThree variants on the Happy Place Vacations logo